ShotRock Productions understands that planning a live event can be time consuming and stressful; let us coordinate your labor needs.

What is the secret for our success?

Founded by four industry professionals that started as stagehands and advanced to manage tours, corporate shows and broadcast events. ShotRock Productions’ team is built around three pillars:

The success of any event is dependent upon communication.  In this 24/7 event industry we know that a quick response to any question or a timely estimate can be incredibly important for any production.  By listening to our clients wants and needs we are able to accurately implement personnel to exceed expectations.  We pride ourselves in providing exceptional communication and customer service.

Labor is only part of producing a show and we strive to make that part of the process as worry free as possible.  The founders of ShotRock Productions have been both stagehands and the client, putting us in a unique and valuable position to understand the needs of our clients and of our stagehands.

Knowledge, reliability and experience are the most valuable commodities in our industry.  After booking a ShotRock Productions crew you can rest at ease knowing that we are invested in the success of your project.

Our Clients Include:

  • Complete Production Resources
  • Danny Wimmer Productions
  • Orlando Productions
  • Show Systems
  • PRG
  • LMG
  • NFL Network
  • Mood Media
  • Full Sail University
  • Todd Street Productions
  • Relevant
  • Automotive Events
  • and more…

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